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  • £1.33/litre!!!!!!

    No adventures planned and life is still hand to mouth, but I did get my bike back on the road this week (I expect that running costs will limit the use this year). After the Touratech period and the loss of the house with a garage, the bike was kindly stored by a guy I’d […]

  • Happy Christmas

    Hope you all find happiness this Christmas period.

  • Someone turned the light off on the brighter future.

    Well that’s been and is still, time spent following the Chinese curse of, “May you live in interesting times”. The Travel Event? Went without any major hitches, everyone, with one exception, seemed to have a great time. Brought in money and hit costs, so as you can expect, to be fired the week after, came […]

  • Facebook…ya’ gotta love it

    Well keeping in touch with my friends back in Seattle popped up something interesting today. It appears that whilst my “Wife” is capable of dispatching me, her “husband” out of the USA at a whim, by text message and then not proceeding with the divorce, due to being “busy”, that she isn’t too busy to […]

  • A brighter future

    Self absorption seems to be a by-product of the situation I found myself in over the last year and a bit. Inward looking, self analysis, navel gazing, finding oneself, narcissism, self pity, whatever you may wish to call it… What is lacking is any new aim to create a distraction. Something else to think about. […]

  • stagnation

    Thought it was about time I added something fresh and a bit more upbeat to this blog as it’s all been a bit of a downer since Nov 2008. I suppose the one positive to come out of this is that I’m still around. Turning 50 last week could have been a milestone to use […]

  • Anniversary again

    In a taxi on the way to Panama City airport 12 months ago. My bike had already flown with Girag air cargo, to Bogota, so I was on my way, blissfully unaware that the text message I was about to receive from Karen, would not only change this trip, but my whole life and my […]

  • On the move…again

    After a very uncomfortable 11 months of being beholden to my friends and without any real independence, I’m about to have somewhere of my own. To be in a position where I can actually begin to think about being me again and to contemplate what life is and that there is a future, rather than […]

  • Anniversary.

    Well this isn’t one to celebrate either. One year ago I started out on the Three Teas Trip. Still haven’t really got to grips with what happened, or why and certainly haven’t returned to any status that you’d call normal, or desirable? Perhaps it’s just a trip that hasn’t finished yet, so there’s no way […]

  • New version imminent.

    In between sending out over 1250 job applications since returning, trying to prove to the Government that I am indeed British, constantly explaining what the hell I’m doing in the UK and “no it doesn’t seem to make any sense does it”, and “no there isn’t a shorter version” and “I’m sure it’s not something you’ve […]

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