New version imminent.

In between sending out over 1250 job applications since returning, trying to prove to the Government that I am indeed British, constantly explaining what the hell I’m doing in the UK and “no it doesn’t seem to make any sense does it”, and “no there isn’t a shorter version” and “I’m sure it’s not something you’ve encountered before but can you help” and “what do you mean, it’s too complicated for you, you are the citizens advice bureau, you are supposed to have access to experts” and, “if I had any money I wouldn’t be asking if you did a no win no fee service, so why do you keep saying 200 pound an hour and ooh isn’t it complicated, so that’ll take quite some time”, and, “well after two years your no claims bonus has gone, so it’s full price”, in between doing that stuff on a very regular basis, well daily actually, I have spent a few hours at the Apple Mac store.

They have helped me to work on a new version of this site. It’s not quite finished, but it is the only thing where I seem to be making an progress in my life. So bear with me for a short while and there will be something more dynamic and functional to look at.

In the meanwhile, I’ll get back to wading in the crud that I seem to be unable to crawl free from.

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