Facebook…ya’ gotta love it

Well keeping in touch with my friends back in Seattle popped up something interesting today.

It appears that whilst my “Wife” is capable of dispatching me, her “husband” out of the USA at a whim, by text message and then not proceeding with the divorce, due to being “busy”, that she isn’t too busy to according to the recommended add a friend post from Facebook and subsequent posting, to be “In a relationship with Gerry Williamson”…well until he goes out of fashion on a whim around about her next panic birthday and ageing dilema I guess.

Good luck to you Gerry, you may get a couple of years but I’m guessing when 49 or 50 comes along you’ll be dropped without a thought…just watch how often the wardrobe changes Sir.

There’s more, but you’ll pick up the signals once it’s too late.

Ah Facebook, helps you keep in touch with those you cared about!

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