On the move…again

After a very uncomfortable 11 months of being beholden to my friends and without any real independence, I’m about to have somewhere of my own. To be in a position where I can actually begin to think about being me again and to contemplate what life is and that there is a future, rather than just a killing time.

My new job will see me moving around quite a bit and will of course finally enable me to have some income. 11 months, even when the roof over your head is paid for, still eats into your reserves, especially when there’s nothing, not a penny coming in.

And with an income starting, I won’t have to resort to suing Karen, although it would still be an option considering what has, or rather, what has not, happened.

So bagging up my bits and bobs, spending what little I have left on getting appliances and household stuff (American things don’t work and Karen has almost all of them anyway) and heading for the hills.

The new site should be ready early in the new year. Only trouble is, I’ll be remote, so broadband may not be as readily available, still there will be somewhere I can exchange my money for access I’m sure. I’ll just have to find it.

Liverpool Mac shop has been my link to the outside world. My only contact with people, apart from the odd ride out with the GSers and of course Rob and Gill, my saviours from a life on the street (not wishing to seem melodramatic here, but given the total lack of support from the Government bodies and I mean none at all, I would have been on the streets without their help. I can see how easily folk can fall through gaps in what professes to be a civilised society, full of caring and charitable institutions with initiatives here, there and everywhere, yet none would have prevented me from being destitute).

It was good to be able to treat Rob and Gill to dinner last night. Scant return on all of their hospitality, but heart felt thanks, none the less.

11 very traumatic and pressurised months and the friendship has held up…that’s the only good thing to have come out of this. That and a realisation that I need to harden up and never put myself in a position where I am so beholden to someone else’s whim and fancy, that they can cause anything like this to happen again.

Trust has taken on an unsavoury edge. Not one I like to have to implement, but one I’ve learned I must put in place.

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