Category: On The Road

  • Ireland Photo Rally and Horizons Unlimited

    It’s taken a few years, but I finally managed to get enough money together to take a ride… not another major 6 monther, just a 10 day trip, but an adventure isn’t dictated by time, nor destination, but by what you experience along the way. Ireland proved to be an adventure, if a somewhat damp […]

  • Stagnant

    Not much to inform anyone about. Still in limbo really, looking to make life altering changes asap, but it’s not looking promising. Ex is still pretending there was never a marriage and that her “life/age issues” aren’t the reason she ended the marriage, but as long as she can live with lying to herself she […]

  • and on and on.

    And so it perpetuates itself. The lies will get progressively bigger and bigger no-doubt, as justification is sought and people are sought to be on one side. If only a truth was told and an admission to oneself that the consequences of the actions were purely selfish, then matters could move on. It’s so very […]

  • Facebook for Unchainedworld

    I’ve created a page on Facebook for Unchainedworld, which, if you’ve forgotten is a site where you can recommend unique venues and services. It is only for recommendations and isn’t a critiquing site… and there are no degrees of unique. So if you find someone or somewhere that has delivered outstanding service or provides something […]

  • Civility, the tea trip continues.

    Took tea yesterday with a fellow GS rider (a rare 850 GS). Roanne runs a small restoration business and is a UK GSer, so our paths crossed. Chai Tea and spiced ginger biscuits. Next season perhaps a ride out. Charming company, very relaxed atmosphere, which made such a pleasant change from the recent testosterone filled […]

  • Closed

    Well, with the advent of a compulsory no holiday clause kicking in any day now at work, plus the additional compulsory overtime day (although we don’t get overtime pay) and the rest of my time being taken up by Uni studies, it would appear that this year’s motorcycling has now ended. In summary, what an […]

  • Milestone reached.

    well when I set out on this trip I expected to pass a number of milestone, but I never expected or indeed wanted to reach this one. The State of Washington today officially ended my marriage to Karen. Now the Karen of today certainly isn’t the Karen I married, far from it, but if she […]

  • HU Mendips

    Enjoyed that.

  • doing a presentation at Horizons Unlimited’s UK Autumn meeting

    Here’s the trailer for a talk I’ll be giving next weekend at Horizons Unlimited. Entitled “The wrong Amazon” it tells how instead of reaching the Amazon and enjoying riding around, because of Karen, I ended up working for Amazon and packing boxes full of books written by people who did complete their adventures without getting […]

  • More new stuff. Check out the website

    There’s now a gmail account associated with the site, so you can email directly. Visit the site now, check out the latest podcast and send me an email.