A brighter future

Self absorption seems to be a by-product of the situation I found myself in over the last year and a bit. Inward looking, self analysis, navel gazing, finding oneself, narcissism, self pity, whatever you may wish to call it…

What is lacking is any new aim to create a distraction. Something else to think about.

I’ve now got something where I can unleash a bit of creativity again. Where I can have valued ideas and put them into practise.

I’ve got it…a little late, well very late actually and last minute panic ensues, but that just adds to the challenge.

The UK Touratech Travel Event for June.

I know, a weekend where we need speakers, marquee, advertising, sponsors and all that goes into something like this, planning starting April, is a bit…ridiculous actually, but those are the circumstances I now have to work with.

It shouldn’t be achievable at such short notice.

No doubt it will create more pressure than it should have if it had been started when it must surely be in the future and will be if I get my way…but, and here’s the perverse nature of such a dilemma…it’s got me fired up. It’s got me in to a mind set of, ‘I’ll show you”.

Considering the alternative that I set out at the start of this post, I must say it’s a bright spot to aim for.

I’ll make this a spectacular event, something that will raise the bench mark and leave folks with a desire for more. Bring it on.

Three Teas…well I have a talk to give at Horizons Unlimited’s first Ireland gathering at the end of May. Another rekindling perhaps…from the embers.

And the revamped website for this blog, with all the videos and pictures…nearly there, nearly there…

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