Well, with the advent of a compulsory no holiday clause kicking in any day now at work, plus the additional compulsory overtime day (although we don’t get overtime pay) and the rest of my time being taken up by Uni studies, it would appear that this year’s motorcycling has now ended.

In summary, what an absolutely useless riding year it has been. Lack of funds, lack of time have limited any rides to at most a few hundred miles and only one has included a stop over.

There was a ride to a Horizons Unlimited meeting where I gave a talk to a crowd of almost several, summed up by a bloke who said, “I see Tiffany Coates is giving a talk and some bloke called Steve Baker is too, but I’ve never heard of him, does anyone know who he is?” he asked me. Well, that displays all the senses of adventure I want in an audience, so I told him to go and watch Tiffany.

Still, not much of an adventure from my point of view either, it was only down the road a few miles.

I joined a Welsh group ride out too… that was very unsatisfactory for a lot of reasons, so I’ll be giving them a miss in future.
All the other rides, of which there were maybe 10 at most, were little visits to a point of interest, or a meander aimlessly for a few hours. The cost of the bike, especially with such high fuel and such a low income, makes me wonder if I’ll keep it on the road at all next year and that Karen might not have just put the final nail in my riding with her disingenuous divorce attorney having ridden roughshod over my guy, who had no time to work at all.

Certainly any sense of there being a future adventure such as the Three Teas seems to be an extremely remote possibility and that my adventures are now done and dusted, and not only for this year.