Who can you trust?

Well there is still some clarification needed, however it appears that not only did Karen decide to deceive me, but also there’s the possibility that the charity I was riding for has been less than honest too. Firstly the Three Cups of Tea book seems to have been exaggerated to a point where it was lies, then the CAI Central Asia Institute, the charity I was advising people to support because it’s message echoed so closely to my own that I thought it would be a logical association, may not have been doing what it says it is doing with the money raised, namely building secular schools in Pakistan and Afghanistan to promote cultural tolerance and mutual understanding, but has instead been using the money to fund promotion of Greg Mortensen’s books and speaking tours.

Now, I know Karen was a liar and manipulated circumstances, but I’m still not sure about CIA and Greg, however, his book is still worth reading, but I will be suspending the links from my website to his charity, until clarification is provided.

Nice to think though, that everything I though gave some value to having lost my marriage, my dreams, my expectations for a happy future, my friends, my job, etc… is now also in doubt.

These doubts have been brought about by the research done by the USA’s ’60 minute’ programme.