One down, one to go.

Well in my endeavours to gain some sense of fair play, I’m happy to report that it is possible, even when the odds seem stacked against you, to achieve a fair result. Given that you may be facing blatant lies, a less than impartial hearing and all you have is integrity and one single line of text on a contract, the outcome can still turn out to be right. Right not only in the sense of correct, but right in that it is just.

Now it’s time to focus on the second issue. Once again it’s about achieving fairness. But this time, whatever the outcome, the result will not be satisfactory, as there is no compensation that can be won that is great enough to balance that which was taken so abruptly and without warning: trust, hope, faith, shared dreams and unconditional love.

Financial wins can only balance financial loss… for all else, there’s nothing that can be regarded as suitable recompense, but as money is all that the legal system seems to recognise as a means of retribution, then that’s all I’m able to pursue.

Let’s see where this ends.