The following is a poem written by a contributor to the www.ukgser.com site, in response to my recent posting:

Originally Posted by Ogmios
May you always sup from a china cup.
May your sugar bowl always be full.
With jersey milk to top up thy brew
and that Sir, i mean – no bull.

Your efforts i praise,
much money do raise!
For no trip could be any finer.

Such adventure is valid,
may thy tea ne’er be pallid,
be it Earl grey, Green or plain China.

I wish you the best,
whether north, east, south or west.
I do hope your waters well boiled.

For we all do admire you,
adventure will tire you.
Many miles you will have toiled.

So keep in fine fettle,
a good copper kettle.
A caddy to store precious leaves in.

A good china ‘pot
adds flavour – a lot.
This; the sum of what to believe in.

It just remains to be said,
your leaves will be read,
your blog and your videos seen.

I’ll sit with my brew
and raise it to you.
Three cheers from me
and three teas for you!