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  • Turn Left for S.America.

    6am the garage doors rise to reveal a still unwelcoming darkness. 6.01am I’ve lost Tom.  As I pull out of the garage, he’s nowhere in sight. Not even a red glimmer from distant tail lights. God this guy rides quickly. So in hot pursuit I race down to the first set of traffic lights. There’s…

  • It’s not all me me me!

    Meet Tom. He’s riding with me, for as long as he can stand my company. So, I’m posting these picture on his behalf now, just in case we don’t make it through the first day as riding buddies. Ladies and Gentlemen…Tom’s picture:

  • And they’re off!

    The Three Teas Tour officially started at the conclusion of the first annual Northwest Tea Festival this afternoon. After speaking with visitors throughout the weekend the time finally came for Steve and Tom to mount up and begin the long trek South. Stay tuned for updates from the road as the journey unfolds.

  • Title Sequence.

  • Poetry

    The following is a poem written by a contributor to the site, in response to my recent posting: Originally Posted by Ogmios May you always sup from a china cup. May your sugar bowl always be full. With jersey milk to top up thy brew and that Sir, i mean – no bull. Your…

  • Hainan China…video

  • Heading East.

    With the Instructor’s experience behind me, I had time free to look at other rides, but I’d not expected the opportunity that came up, to arise. A trip to China. Hong Kong, then on to somewhere in mainland China for an extra holiday. The options were to take a scattered approach and tick off the…

  • Three Teas Tour video intro…from the big red chair

    Three Teas Intro

  • Riding the Range…part 2

    Riding the Range…why?   Ka5ysy Joined: Feb 01, 2007 Location: Prairieville, LA   private message Hi Lamble !   I have had a great time reading your thread and thoroughly enjoyed your trials and tribulations as a trainee and instructor. It brought back fond memories of my MSF ITC.  The description of your live lcass…

  • The wilderness year

    The last extended ride, was the first ride. It took place in 2006 when I arrived in the USA and my work permit didn’t. I had time to ride across the USA, so I did. I set a few parameters to which I’d try and abide, such as no interstate and only unique venues for…