Category: Miscellaneous waffle and thoughts

  • Just by chance?

    There have been many coincidenses that have arisen. Perhaps I’ve subconsciously sought them out, or recognised them when they arose due to a heightened awareness, but there’s a bit more than that, almost fate. For a start, there was the meeting with the lady on Lummi Island and her three cups of tea philosophy. Then…

  • “No Mr Bond…I expect you to die”.

    Two years into the relocation to the USA, it seemed appropriate that I should visit the neighbours. Karen and I had popped over the border from Seattle to visit our Commonwealth cousins in Canada, but that was too near to count as an adventure. We’d had the chance to ride in China, Hainan Province in…

  • Hello world!

    The Three Cups of Tea blog is born, just one of many things on the to-do list before the Grand Tour begins.