Re-purposing and linking content

There are few benefits to be gained by finding yourself reduced to a part time job, where the salary barely covers living costs, actually they aren’t covered, but the ebbing is slowed, well one of the benefits is time in the library and free wifi. So, with this time, when I’m not applying for jobs, I am looking at taking what has been written here, what exists on the website, and try to create something worthwhile.

I’ve started on a film script, the beginning and end are in place and the middle needs filling with the content from this blog. If I can use clips I have shot in a semi-documentary style, to supplement any new material, then that would be interesting.

But who would play me?

There’s work on a book and after last year’s presentation at Horizons Unlimited’s inaugural Ireland Meeting, I’ve reworked that material too.

I’ve started a facebook page for unchainedworld, the database driven site for recommending unique venues and services that you encounter and want to share. I’ll be linking that to the website and this blog. This blog will also have an RSS feed from the website and facebook page as well as unchainedworld. Then there will be podcasts, as soon as I’ve broken some of the footage down to more manageable sized sequences.