Heading East.

With the Instructor’s experience behind me, I had time free to look at other rides, but I’d not expected the opportunity that came up, to arise.

A trip to China. Hong Kong, then on to somewhere in mainland China for an extra holiday.

The options were to take a scattered approach and tick off the “must sees”, or find somewhere and stay there, exploring one location in depth. Easy choice.

So a destination was chosen…Hainan Island, the southern most point of China. So far removed from China’s traditional centre of power in fact, that it had been forgotten. Ideal.


Next, to find a bike to ride over there.

Hello, internet!

While looking for a hotel that would comply with our choice of staying “unchained” www.unchainedworld.com I came across a Brit guy from Hong Kong who was travelling on Hainan. He and I exchanged emails and he kept his eye open for a motorcycle. Three weeks before departure an email arrived from a man in Hainan, along with some rather sordid pictures of young girls in a bar. He promised me a good time and a bike.

When I pointed out my wife Karen would be joining me, the bike details came and the girls disappeared. With no real alternative, we agreed to meet up at Sanya City’s Rainbow and pick up the bike for a few days riding up into the mountains and around the coast.