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  • Ride Thro Time Episode 6 Hadrian’s Wall

    Finally managed to get something stitched together that resembles an episode… okay only vaguely resembles, but still it’s something that fills a small hole in the world wide web with something other than smut, so that’s a good thing right? Anyway, Hadrian and his wall, the northern extent of the empire, only not quite….

  • Episodes 4 and 5 now posted.

    Finished uploading the latest episodes of Ride thro’ Time. This completes the Piercebridge trundle through gardens, over walls and up and down Roman ankle-breaking defences. Follow the journey further north in the coming episode, before finally reaching Hadrian’s Wall and Vindolanda.

  • Ride thro Time

    I like to add a theme to the trips I take. Recently I rode along the length of Hadrian’s Wall, a Roman defence line that bi-sects England at it’s narrowest point and which used to form the border between Rome’s civilisation and non=Roman barbarity, or Scotland as it is now known. I’ve made a few […]

  • Make your own mind up. Link to the local newspaper report on Greg Mortenson’s charity and the ’60 Minutes’ report.;photovideo Greg Mortenson is a former mountain climber, best-selling author, humanitarian, and philanthropist. His non-profit organization, the Central Asia Institute (CAI), is dedicated to promoting education, especially for girls, in remote parts of Pakistan and Afghanistan, and according to […]

  • Who can you trust?

    Well there is still some clarification needed, however it appears that not only did Karen decide to deceive me, but also there’s the possibility that the charity I was riding for has been less than honest too. Firstly the Three Cups of Tea book seems to have been exaggerated to a point where it was […]

  • In the process of production

    Spent today getting some things ready. Before I upload these elements to the site there’s a bit of testing to do, but the aim is to have links to the Facebook page, to have the first podcast in the ‘Ride thro time’ series and to my YouTube Channel. I may also have been talked into […]

  • Re-purposing and linking content

    There are few benefits to be gained by finding yourself reduced to a part time job, where the salary barely covers living costs, actually they aren’t covered, but the ebbing is slowed, well one of the benefits is time in the library and free wifi. So, with this time, when I’m not applying for jobs, […]

  • On the move… again

    Time to give serious consideration to moving once more. My current position neither enables me to create a future, nor live a life in the present. The job market is no better, in fact it’s getting worse and I’m not adding anything of value to my CV meantime. I’ll need to cast the net far […]

  • Spring has sprunged (sic)

    A few piccies from a sunny spring day ride. Lifts the spirits.

  • One down, one to go.

    Well in my endeavours to gain some sense of fair play, I’m happy to report that it is possible, even when the odds seem stacked against you, to achieve a fair result. Given that you may be facing blatant lies, a less than impartial hearing and all you have is integrity and one single line […]